Rafael Aguilera and Isabel Jurado are Spanish artists catalogued as Novisimos artistic trend in the early eighties of XX Century. They have a big background behind their eyes as exhibitors and professors in many countries all over the world.

Uniquely identified as well as harmoniously hatched the Isabel and Rafael ́s paintings coexist.

They share the strange sensitivity of choosing superbly the topic, the clean technique and the refined exe- cution, the proper use of the colour, the figurative expression, the harmonious and subtle constructions of the compositions and especially the freedom of having created their own personal universe of any artist interested in investigating worlds that, once conquered, are abandoned when uninteresting, starting again another way to fan the embers of their creative abilities.

They share the technical and expressive skills, the knowledge of art history, the hopeful vitalism, the pure- ness impregnated of simplicity to represent the joys and sorrows of the human being, the approach to self suffer and others suffering, the acid criticism to a dehumanized society, the symbolism embodied in ob- jects, masks, animals or dolls, making them theirs as if each artwork would be a piece of his own biography.

Isabel constructs carefully, as if it were a Roman tessellatum opus, a Byzantine mosaic, with many secon- dary objects. Rafael, quickly and boldly, with literary strokes, recreates fantastic worlds, bringing the hu- man to the divine. They both create a harmonious symphony of colours and life forms, using people staring at us questionning, calmly awaiting a response from who stops his gaze on them.

They are, definitely, two faces of the same coin that have known how to maintain their independence between each other although they are working together in a reduced world, making art as their life and getting away from the business of the art life.